We do require you to have shooting experience, or have someone with you that can train you safely and properly. If you do not have anyone to train you, we offer instruction by appointment. Please see our training tab for more info.


Range $20.00 per person

No time limit unless there is a line to shoot, if we have a line of shooters waiting, we limit time to 1 hour

Eye & Ear protection: included with range fee

Must have over the ear protection

Targets .99 Cents each

Gun Rental $10.00 plus ammo

Must use our ammo in our rental firearms

Rental Firearms:

Glock: 42, 43X, 48, 19, 17, 45, 34, 22, 23, 21, 44

Smith&Wesson: 2.0 Compact, Shield Plus, EZ9, EZ380, 642, M&P 1522

Sig Sauer: M18, M17, 365, 365XL, 365XMacro, 365 XMacro Comp

Canik: TP9SF, Mete SF, Rival S

Rock Island: 1911A1 Government, 1911 9mm

Taurus: G3c

Ruger: PC9


Age Restrictions

Minimum age is 21 without a parent present


Ammo Pricing

380 ACP          22.99

9 MM               17.99

38 Spc            29.99

357 Mag          39.99

40 S&W           25.99

45 ACP            27.99