Q. What type of rifle can be shot in the range?
Any rifle chambered in handgun calibers may be shot in the range. Hi-powered rifles may only be shot using our computerized sight in process. Only jacketed, soft point rifle ammo may be used. No black powder guns allowed.

Q. Can I shoot a shotgun in the range?
No, we do not currently allow shotguns of any type to be shot in the range. This includes .410 revolvers.

Q. How old do children have to be to shoot in the range?
As long as they are accompanied by a parent, most any age kids are welcome. We do ask that we make sure the parent knows what is going on. Blind should not lead the blind, especially when firearms are involved. Safety rules will be discussed with the parent and child. We must ask that only one child younger than 14 years old go into the range with the parent at any one time. Please don’t ask us to baby-sit the others left in the store area.

Q. Do you give law enforcement and active military discounts?
Yes. We discount the range time for certified law enforcement officers and active duty military personnel.

Q. Can a security agency/company use the range for their training?
Yes. Many security companies use the range for their training facility. Prior arrangements and scheduling are required.

Q. Do you offer gunsmithing services?
Yes. We do full gunsmithing in house, and offer both cleaning and repair services, as well as a full line of customization options for both handguns and rifles.

Q. Do you custom order firearms?
Yes, we can special order firearms for you through our vast supplier network. We also accept FFL transfers.

Q. Do you take trade-ins and consignment firearms?
No. We do not do trade-ins.
Yes. We can sell your firearm on a consignment basis. Consignment fees are $20.00 for cleaning and 15% of the sales price. Should the firearm not sell, the cleaning fee will still be due.

Q. Can you clean my handgun?
Yes. We use an ultrasonic firearm cleaner that leaves your handgun incredibly clean and properly lubricated. Most tritium night sights can go through the cleaner. Sometimes Loc-Tite will loosen up during the cleaning. We can reapply it if necessary. This process makes stainless firearms look like new. We charge $20.00 for the cleaning service. *Note: It may be necessary to leave your gun for a few days.

Q. What kind of private, individual training is available?
We offer all first time shooters safety briefing and range familiarization. Private lessons are available through our specialized training. Training needs to be reserved and scheduled through the front desk, as we offer them on a monthly basis.

Q. Can I shoot my scoped high powered hunting rifle in the range?
Yes. We have a computer accurate sight-in system available. After a few measurements and 5-6 shots off the bench, the computer tells us how to adjust the scope for any range from 25 to 1000 yards. No open sight high powered rifles allowed. This is the only way we allow rifles to be shot on the range. Please call for availability of this service.

Q. Can I shoot my AR15 or AK47?
A: No. Unfortunately we are not set up at this time to shoot those calibers for general purpose shooting. This includes AR and AK pistols.

Q: How much does it cost to have a FIREARM TRANSFERED?
If you wish to have a firearm transferred, you must complete required paperwork before having the firearm transferred and there will be a $35 processing fee if you have a Georgia Weapons Carry Licence, $50 Fee if you do not have the Weapons Carry Licence. Email paperwork to eaglegunsmith@gmail.com.

This FAQ is always expanding. If you have a question, please send it to info@eaglegunrange.com, Remember to bring your weather proof hunting backpack with all your essentials when visiting us!

Q. Is there a dress code?
Yes. We require closed toe shoes, and recommend no low cut clothes to prevent burns from spent cases. Additionally we do not allow profanity or lewd comments or suggestions on clothing and pants need to be pulled up around the waist.

Q. Does it cost money to shoot?
Yes. We are a retail business and do charge to use the range.

Q. Are there ammo restrictions?
Yes. We do not allow any steel case ammo to be shot, additionally we do not allow incendiary or armor piercing ammo to be shot.