Range Rules

1. ALWAYS Treat Every Firearm As If It Were LOADED.

ALWAYS Point All Firearms In A SAFE Direction.

3. ALWAYS Keep Your Firearm UNLOADED Until You Are IN The Shooting Booth And Ready To Fire. UNLOAD BEFORE You Leave The Range.

4. ALWAYS Keep The Action Of Your Firearm OPEN When You Are Not At The Firing Line. Please CASE OR HOLSTER Your Firearm When Leaving The Range.

5. ALWAYS Keep Your Finger OFF The Trigger Until You Are Ready To Fire.

6. ALWAYS Wear Ear And Eye Protection While In The Range Area And BEFORE Entering The Range Area.

7. NO Rapid Fire Is Allowed At Any Time.

8. No smoking, chewing, dipping, or use of tobacco products is allowed at any time while in the store or on the range area. We have an ashtray outside for your convenience.

9. Only one (1) person is allowed in a shooting booth at any time unless accompanied by an instructor. Should you feel uncomfortable or uneasy with your firearm or notice someone else having problems, or you notice problems with range equipment, call the Range Master or Manager for help or instruction.

10. No armor piercing, incendiary, or tracer rounds are allowed on the range.

11. The Range Master or Manager will be happy to assist you with any problems of malfunctions you may have while on the Range. If you need help in any way, lay your firearm on the shooting bench, pointed downrange, back away, and come to the service desk.

You will be denied shooting privileges and asked to leave the premises if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.