Eagle Gun Range offers a wide variety of gunsmithing services for all firearms.

We offer custom pistol and rifle builds upon request!

Service Charges Per Man Hour: $60

Drill/Tap: $15 per hole

Install sling swivels: $35

Function check/fire: $10 plus ammo

While you wait: $10 subject to manning and workload

Written Appraisal, cost estimate: $35 per item

Repair Work Per Man Hour, plus parts. Will provide estimate of cost to repair before proceeding with work. Turn around time may vary, due to availability of parts and current workload.
Gun Cleaning Handgun, Ultrasonic : $20

Long Gun: $35 – $45

Cosmoline Removal: $60

Sight Installs Sight Install: $35 plus parts cost

If product bought at Eagle Gun Range, Sight Install is free!

Mount scope: $35

Remount/correct scope mounting: $25

All scopes are mounted with proper screw tension, and reticles leveled to the receiver.

AR-15 Work Assemble Upper: $60

Assemble Lower: $60

Install Handguard/grips: $30

Install Ambi Controls: $20

General Barrel, Action & Rifle Work Install Trigger (Timney type drop in): $50 plus cost of trigger

Install Muzzle Brake: $40 for proper indexing and fitting on pre-threaded barrel, plus cost of brake

Polish Chamber: $20

Handgun Work Revolver Action Job: $55 plus parts cost

Semi-Auto pistol Action Job: $55 plus parts cost

Polish Feed Ramps, Throat: $30

Fit new trigger to 1911: $55 plus parts cost

Fit custom hammer to 1911: $55 plus parts cost

Install Trigger: $45

Glock 3.5LBS Connector: $20 installed

Stock Work Fit/Install butt pad: $50


Refinishing: By the hour