Open Carry vs Conceal Carry

Deciding how to carry and when can be a difficult task. Take a look at this article for a quick rundown of the pros and cons of each.   Open Carry vs Concealed Carry by Daniel Cahill

Defensive Flashlights

Hello Everyone, This is Daniel Cahill here bringing you a new article about the defensive use of flashlights.¬† We will discuss the science behind lights as a weapon, and the pros and cons of flashlights in general.¬† So enjoy the article and feel free to give feedback on our Facebook!!! […]

The Myths of Modern Bullet Diameter

  With the continued debate over the best caliber, we have decided to dispel some myths. The article below will hopefully help you come to a decision of your own.   Myths of Modern Bullet Diameter¬† by Daniel Cahill  

Every Day Carry Part 1

Hey everybody, this is Daniel Cahill and I’m the Manager at Eagle Gun Range. With our new website we wanted to start a series of post where we discuss the items and tools we carry on a daily basis. We will discuss not only what we carry but also the […]