Whats the Process of Buying a Firearm

Looking for the proper way to buy a firearm? Check out this broadcast from WGXA-24.

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Purchasing a gun, as you may imagine, is a bit of a process. Another fire arm out and about is another potential tragedy after all. Make sure to go to a well-established gun shop. Not only will they be able to recommend the ideal firearm for you, they should be able to walk you through most of the steps of the process to get that firearm registered under your name and in your legal possession, you can even consider getting one on the internet like at this ar-15 rifles online shop.  The following article breaks down the process a bit more.

Federal law does not require licensing of gun owners or purchasers. For information about the exemption that federal law provides for certain license holders to the background check required when a firearm is purchased from a licensed dealer, see our summary on Background Check Procedures.

What’s The Process of Buying a Gun