Bigger, and Better than Ever

Welcome to our New Website!

I’d like to take a moment and welcome everyone to our new improved website. Here, you will find not only information about our business, range hours and pricing, and the services we offer, but you will also find a growing knowledge base.  Every month, we are looking at publishing 1-2 new articles on the variety of things we offer here at Eagle Gun Range. These articles will range from everything including Personal Protection, Gunsmithing, Product Reviews, News from the store, and even articles about reloading.  We hope to build an excellent knowledge base for our customers to be able to learn, and enrich their knowledge of our industry.

We hope that you will be as thrilled as we are about our new website, and all of the new additions to Eagle Gun Range’s services.

Here are a few of the new things that have happened over the last few years, and are about to happen:

Gunsmithing-  We now offer a full service Gunsmith on staff, and we can do everything from antique restorations, customizations, and repairs here in store, to Cerakote, rebarreling, threading, and the like through our friends at Accurate Ordnance, LLC. We strive to be your one stop custom shop.

Individual Training-  For the first time in many years, We are offering an individual training service for those folks who want everything from full training from the most basic aspects, to folks who just want to get pointers and tips on how to shoot better and more effectively, to even more advanced training scenarios. Bill Godfrey, our Trainer, can teach at just about any level, and we know you’ll benefit from his expertise.

Custom Holsters-  Eagle Gun Range is offering custom holster making throughout the year for just about any gun! Built to your needs, we can build a holster for just about any gun, even if holsters are not commercially available for that firearm! Stop by and talk to Daniel about one today!

Renovations-  Eagle Gun Range is coming up on its 20th year in business!  That being said, we are currently working on renovating the aging range, and brightening everything up, so that we can continue to provide a bright, clean, and safe range for all of our customers!

There’s more to come where this all comes from! We’re looking at bringing back things such as Ladies Night, and even the possible extra hours shoot on occasion for our customers who work similar schedules to us! Keep checking back with us, and see what we’ve got available! We’ll keep the site updated, and keep you informed!

About the Author: Will Dowling is the Gunsmith at Eagle Gun Range, and the owner’s son.  Specializing in antique restorations and firearm customizations, Will completed Gunsmithing school and has a diploma in Gunsmithing, as well as years of practical knowledge and experience.